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Spring Lawn Maintenance

Published: May 05, 2022

As the Managing Agent for Bear Creek Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. This letter is a friendly reminder that as a part of Bear Creek Ranch Homeowners association, it is your responsibility to maintain your lawn in excellent condition. The exterior of your house has a great impact on the overall scenery of the neighborhood. If you ignore your yard, it will not remain aesthetically appealing for other members of the HOA. For further details, study the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) section about lawn maintenance.

Below we have included some recommended tips on spring lawn maintenance from Neil Sperry’s Gardens, The Definitive Word in Texas horticulture website. We hope this will help and act a guide to a beautiful lawn this Spring and Summer season.

Click here to download and read the Bear Creek Ranch - Spring Lawn Maintenance Notice 2022

Bear Creek Ranch HOA

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